MidAtlantic Urogynecology

MidAtlantic Urogynecology is a collaboration of independent physicians providing state-of-the-art comprehensive non-surgical and surgical treatment for women with pelvic floor disorders.

Naved A. Jafri, M.D.

Experienced physicians specially trained in the areas of urogynecology and pelvic disorders

Patient Name Withheld Upon Request – Hampton
Prior to this procedure, I had stress urinary incontinence to the point where I had bladder leakage when turning on the washing machine, lifting heavy objects, and just performing day-to-day activities…(read more here)

Patient Name Withheld Upon Request – Williamsburg
I thank you, Dr. Naved Jafri, for your encouragement and for going the extra mile to help me enjoy a better quality of life…(read more here)

Patient Name Withheld Upon Request – Newport News
Dr. Naved Jafri, a urogynecologist in Newport News and Hampton, explained and showed videos as to how this could benefit patients such as myself...(read more here)

Megan D. – Newport News
Easily the best doctor’s office I’ve ever had the privilege to go to...(read more here)